Know how today’s stock market will be from Paramhans ji……

आज स्टॉक मार्केट कैसा रहेगा किया स्थिति  रहेगी मार्केट

today Stock Market Predictions


Nifty 50 /Indian stock market



Nifty 50

Date- 10 January 2022

मार्केट प्रारम्भ निचे जायेगा उसके बाद ,अपने आप को कवर करते हुए तेजी करेगा  !

Expected Nifty 50 Levels 

  • If the nifty50 opens from a different opening level, then it will assume the zero reference and other levels will be shifted with respect to that point.
  1. Opening level (Almost)
  1. Max upper  level (Almost)
  1. Max lower level (Almost)
+ -100 

Expected Nifty 50 Trend 

Compare The Graph With NSE India website only

  • The red graph shows not exactly matching of the graph.




|9:15 _____10________11_______12_______01_______02_______03__03:30|


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