IAWA SDP International Iconic women Award 2022 by Amarcine Production

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SDP ICONIC INTERNATIONAL WOMEN AWARD 2022 season 3 was organised on 16 th April 2022 at Mukti Cultural Auditorium by( IAWA )Innovative Artist Welfare Association with Amar Cine Production where in a virtual event was organised on 10 th april on zoom .Dr. Daljeet kaur president of IAWA is the brain behind this event to recognise women through out the world for their endeavours.

Dr Daljeet kaur an actress running this ngo from last 8 years working for various social causes creating awareness through out the world is former Mrs India , Mrs Universe Popular and a social Activist.Amar Bedi of Amarcine Production a creative Young producer curated and Sponsored the whole event.

Dr Daljeet kaur an actress running this ngo from last 8 years working for various social causes creating awareness through out the

The Special Guest of Honour at the event were Anjana Mumtaj a legendary Actress, Chandreshekhar Pusalkar Grandson of Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke, Arvinder Singh Singer, BN Tiwari jee, Hardik Hundiya journalist Eminent personality Jaya Bhattacharya, Doli Sohi Amita Nangia, Shomu Mitra from TV industry were awarded as the SDP iconic women of 2022 by President of IAWA Dr Daljeet kaur with other guest of honours present at the grand event Anup Jalota jee motivated the iconic Awardees online and praised their endeavours .

Nomination were recieved from more than 50 countries with 3000 entries. IAWA wanted to bring out the top 50 Iconic personalities who made their mark in the society. This is in recognition of their outstanding performance in all their endeavours, where a women manifests her legacy and is an Inspiration and Role Model for others.Notably, Iconic Women don’t wait for perfect moments. However, they start by being a boss of their own self, taking all the risk in life.

Every women has that spirit hidden in them. It requires motivation and firm decision to learn from their own mistakes and make a mark, and a space for themself in society.IAWA recognised such extra-talented women throughout the world and awarded them with a memento to reminisce and bring all such sucessful women on one Dice to celebrate womenhood with SDP INTERNATIONAL ICONIC WOMEN AWARD 2022

These SDP Awards are a Noble Tribute to the great lady who worked tremendously hard with her husband Dadasaheb Phalke Ji, the first film maker of India, and father of Indian Cinema, whereas, his wife was left unnoticed even though she worked hard in managing everything as a self-empowered woman. She did not get the recognition she deserved. Hence, honouring all successful Women with an award in the name of the Great Saraswati bai Dadasaheb Phalke Ji is a tribute to the Self Empowered Women of her era.
Awardees Mamta Tiwari Bahrain, Kirti Agarwal Jalna, Sanipina Jayalakshmi Rao Vishakapatnam, Sreystha Beppari Pune,Rajni Sinha Mumbai,Jaya Dass Chennai Shreya California, Sangita Konar Canada,Sheetal Gaikwad Khapoli,Vidya Peetambaran kerela,Bhagashree Kulkarni Dhule, Adv Marjeena Shaikh Mumbai,Dr. Suraina Malhotra Mumbai,Mamta Tambe Mumbai,Tarvinder Kaur Chandigarh,Satinder Malhotra Dehradun, Kanchan Dhiman Hp,Memmi Thyiam Manipur, Neeraj Manhas HP,Chayya Shishir Janbandhu Nagpur, Kusum Gupta Rajasthan,Stuti Saxena Haridwar, Uma Modi Mumbai Krushnapriya Tripathy Odhisa, Kamlesh Rajesham Telangana,